09 Aug

Caroline Williams

I am a UOverride coverK-based science journalist with 15 years experience in magazine and radio journalism.

My first book: Override: My quest to go beyond brain training and take control of my mind, is out now, published by Scribe. Available on Amazon.

I also edited New Scientist’s Instant Expert Guide to the Brain (John Murray, 2017)

Over the years I have written extensively for New Scientist magazine, and spent 5 years in-house as a feature editor, contributing to some of the magazine’s top-selling cover stories. My work has also appeared in the Guardian, BBC Future, BBC Earth and I have also provided written materials for organisations such as the Royal Society.

I have also both produced and presented radio programmes and reports for the BBC, contributing to the Science, Natural History and Children’s Radio output. I was also the regular co-presenter of the New Scientist podcast, along with Ivan Semeniuk, between 2006 and 2010.

In 2010 I left New Scientist and returned to the world of freelancing, working a lot for my old colleagues, but also elsewhere. My aim – and the reason I love what I do – is to learn new and exciting things and share them in the most entertaining way I can think of.

When I am not writing about science I make up children’s stories to amuse myself and my son and hopefully other people in the not-too-distant future.