03 Nov


Upcoming talks:


6 March 2018. The Creative Brain and How to Use it, HiDesign MEA, Bahrain

14 April 2018. Host: New Scientist Instant Expert, Mental Health.

Previous talks:


3 November 2017. The Creative Brain and How to Use it, HiDesign Asia, Borneo, 8.30am



Photo by bugboyluis

28 September 2017. The Science of Boredom, Charterhouse School, Surrey 6.45pm




7th July 2017. Ways with Words Festival of Ideas, Dartington, Devon.





9 June 2017, Can You Retrain Your Brain? With neuroscientists Heidi Johansen Berg, Martijn van denHeuvel and Ben Martynoga. Cheltenham Science Festival 7.15 – 8.15 pm


25 May 2017, Override: can you really rewire an adult brain? Normal? Festival of the Brain, Folkestone, UK,


11 March 2017, 6.30pm: Aye Write Festival, Glasgow, UK.


5 March 2017, 5.45pm: Changing my mind, Words by the Water, Keswick, Cumbria, UK.


20 February 2017, 6.45pm: Control Your Mind (A Journey into what Neuroscience can do for us), How to Academy, Soho, London, UK

18 October 2014, Pimp my brain: How neuroscientists tamed my wandering mind, TEDx Edinburgh Napier






EdSciFestEdinburgh Science Festival, 7 April 2014. Let them Eat Cake: Challenging Health Myths (with Dr John Babraj, Abertay University)